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Westlake Tyres Malaysia


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Westlake Malaysia continues to support the local motorsports and has sponsor numerous events in the recent years.


Westlake Tyres

SILICA TECH compounds is an innovative Westlake’s technology for low rolling resistance and precise control.

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Westlake Malaysia Drift Team

Westlake Malaysia Drift Team is one of leading Drift Team in Malaysia led by Lee Mun Hoong, 2JZ Powered S14, Wilson Chang, 2JZ Powered 180SX and Ivan Choo, Turbocharged 350Z. The Drift team will be using Westlake Sport RS, the ideal drift tyre built for competition in all local and international tournaments. The Drift Team […]

Westlake Tyres Officially In Malaysia

Westlake Marketing Malaysia (WMM) has officially launched the Westlake tyre brand in Malaysia, which spans a range of passenger car, SUV, truck, bus, off-road, industrial and agricultural-use tyres. Supported by ZhongCe Rubber Group Co Ltd, the manufacturer of the Westlake brand, WMM aims to offer premium quality tyres at affordable prices. ZhongCe Rubber is a […]

ZC Rubber ranks No.9 among global tire companies in 2019

Congratulations! ZC Rubber improves its global ranking to NO.9 among tire companies worldwide, according to the latest report released by Tire Business in 2019.  ZC Rubber is the largest tire company in China. The tire revenue of ZC Rubber improved 10.3% to 3,996 million in 2019, beyond the Maxxis international /Cheng Shin Rubber from Taiwan, […]

ZC Rubber attended the SEMA Show 2019

ZC Rubber attended the SEMA show from Nov. 5-8, 2019, in Las Vegas and introduced Arisun,Goodride and Westlake tires to the coming customers.  The three tire brands are the main tire brands owned by ZC Rubber. Arisun tires are special designed for US market and Goodride tires and Westlake tire are also popular among the […]

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